Catalogues for Bad Credit

UK catalogues are notorious for offering finance options to customers with all kinds of credit ratings. Catalogues for bad credit are a sub-section of catalogues which tend to have much higher acceptance rates and are thus perfect for people with a poor credit history. Of course, these catalogues don’t just like to gamble with their money by offering credit to high risk customers, they counter it by charging interest from the get-go.

Other retailers which don’t have high approval rates tend to be much more willing to offer interest free periods. Some even boast up to 3 years at 0% interest on selected products.

In terms of finance options available, many poor credit catalogues offer buy now pay later, pay monthly and pay weekly payment plans to help their customers spread the cost on expensive or multiple purchases.

There are dozens of reasons why you might need a catalogue and thanks to their credit options they offer something that other stores and high street brands do not. Firstly, their product range is huge! Most of them tend to specialise in a niche related to fashion, i.e plus size womens clothes. However, the majority of catalogues also have a huge selection of electricals, furniture, appliances, gifts, sports equipment, jewellery, crafts, toys and more!

This makes them the ideal, if not the only place to shop for everything online and on credit!

When it comes to choosing the right catalogue for your specific needs you may find yourself being refused a personal account. If so, then your best option may well be a bad credit catalogue or even a no credit check catalogue.

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